Juliet Cutler, Principal

Juliet Cutler, principal at Nomad Studio, has developed more than 50 interpretive plans and exhibits on natural resources, historic sites, and cultural heritage for clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Her work consistently demonstrates her ability to artistically and concisely translate complex and detailed concepts into straightforward, engaging programs and exhibits for children, teens, and adults.

As an educator by training, Juliet always approaches interpretation from multiple points of view to create meaningful plans and exhibits that integrate art, science, history, and culture with solid education theory. Her work demonstrates her commitment to helping clients achieve meaningful connections with people and powerful links to places through interpretation.

Juliet is also an experienced writer and graphic designer, which makes her unique in her field. She is gifted at understanding audience demographics and needs, identifying core messages, and developing creative and appropriate strategies to convey those messages in a way that transforms research and facts into engaging story-based narratives that are visually striking.

Juliet’s work requires sensitivity to diverse perspectives and the ability to facilitate a common vision—something she is skilled at achieving. She has successfully worked with diverse communities throughout the world including several indigenous communities such as the Maasai, Inuvialuit, Lakota, Cherokee, and Caddo, to name a few. She regularly facilitates workshops, leads interpretive training sessions, publishes articles in her field, and presents papers at conferences on interpretation.

Juliet is a certified interpretive planner (CIP) and a certified interpretive trainer (CIT) through the U.S. National Association for Interpretation. She holds a masters of arts (M.A.) in communications development and English, and a bachelors of science in education (B.S.Ed.).

To learn more about Juliet’s skills and experience, connect with her on LinkedIn.

What Clients & Partners Say

Nomad Studio’s team demonstrated exceptional dedication to going above and beyond . . . effectively working with three agencies, area residents, and resource experts to produce beautiful exhibits and an accompanying mobile App.

Allysia Angus, Bureau of Land Management

Juliet waded through mountains of documents to help us update our interpretive master plan. She asked us many thought-provoking questions, and the result is a well-rounded plan that can lead us into the future.

Karina Nabor, Denver Botanic Gardens

Juliet was able to envision the educational themes and media that could be developed in the park and tie them to both the future facility and PEBC’s mission. It was very exciting to see the possibilities through this lens.

Chrystal Dunker, Prairie Ecology Bus Center (PEBC)

Nomad Studio showed great talent in translating our initial ideas into successful exhibits for children and families.

John Bull , Qatar Museums

Juliet’s work set the standard for state parks in Iowa.

Michelle Wilson, Executive Officer, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

The ABMC received very positive feedback on the interpretive displays created by Juliet and Nomad Studio. She is creative, flexible, and very professional.

Jeffrey Aarnio, American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)

Juliet brings a unique balance of talents to interpretive planning and design. Her interpersonal skills, professional knowledge, and creative pursuit of excellence produce outstanding results. Juliet is a pleasure to work with.

Timothy Agness, FASLA - Landscape Architect & Urban Planner

While working with Juliet on a master planning project for a nature center, I gained a great respect for her intellect, knowledge, preparation, and ability to calmly facilitate meaningful discussion. She is an excellent interpretive planner and writer, and I look forward to working with her again.

Wayne Reckard, The Kubala Washatko Architects

Juliet is one of the best interpretive planners and content developers I’ve worked with. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism are of the highest quality.

Kari Grestini, Condit Exhibits

Juliet is an excellent writer and creative collaborator. She is flexible and easy to work with, even on short notice and under pressure. Her work is always of the highest quality. Adding her to our team means we all produce better results.

Ellen Schindler, Kossmann. dejong

Juliet was an incredible asset to the interpretive planning and exhibit design process at my organization. She is patient, organized, knowledgeable, a talented writer and planner, and a fantastic facilitator. Juliet is a true professional in the field of interpretation.

Rob Carr, International Crane Foundation

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